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Whatever your talent is, there is a place for you. 
   Every Sunday Martin Coffey delivers the morning (10:30) and evening (6:00) messages as well as the Bible study at 7:00 pm on Wednesday. On the occasions when Marty is away, we are very fortunate to have our Elders capable of filling the pulpit in his absence.
   During worship, your children may be with you or in a Nursery, or in our  children's class.
Sunday School
   Every Sunday at 9: 30 we have 3 Adult classes that will help to enhance your understanding and application of God's written Word. 
   Instrumentalists are always in demand. While our worship style is traditional for the most part, we are beginning to add more modern worship music to our rotation. If you are an instrumentalist or would like to participate in the worship service, there is an opportunity available for you. There are many behind the scenes ministries available, such as communion preparation, baptism assistance, or working with the youth. 
    Some of Jesus' most intimate moments with his followers happened during mealtimes. At PCCC, we like to eat. Socially, mealtimes are the catalyst for relationships. To assist in the dinners preparation, we have a fellowship committee that is responsible for planning, serving, and cleanup. 
   We are blessed to have excellent audio/video equipment that enhances our worship. If you have computer skills, or are willing to learn, you could be involved in this tremendously rewarding ministry.
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